Possible Customer Data Breach of PII data at Sirius XM

About a week and a half ago I began receiving some odd emails from an offshore domain hawking Ray Ban sunglasses. Many of you would not consider SPAM like this to be odd. I would normally feel the same way if the TO: address for email had been sent to a publicly available email address, but this destination email address was one uniquely provided to SiriusXM and only SirusXM for account use.

Why you should add log analysis to your performance engineering practice

Do I have to wait until performance testing to answer performance questions?

I am often asked by customers why we have to wait so late in the development process to attack performance related actvities. Well, the short answer is that you don't. The difference between the two is the former is based almost entirely on performance testing and the latter is grounded in performance engineering principals, which can be used throughout the application lifecycle, from development all the way through production.

Performance Test Handicap Analysis

The Challenge & History

About a decade ago I was asked by a company to oversee a set of performance tests at a second company, one which the first company was in the process of valuing for acquisition purposes. The outcome of the performance tests would help to establish the value of the company for the acquisition. This seemed to be a straightforward proposition: Arrive, oversee a testing effort to ensure that best practices were followed and then report on my observations.

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